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Refunds & Limited Withdraw Policy

for FIAT purchases

Why a Limited Withdraw Policy?

NFTs are great, providing you with the ability to trade Characters, Equipment & other game asset out of Kingdom Karnage in 3rd party marketplaces. However that presents Credit/Debit Card fraudsters a way to take advantage. By ordering with Credit Cards then withdrawing NFTs out of their accounts and then fraudulently reversing those Credit Card payments to try to get the NFTs and their money back. This then takes up a lot of time for the team who have to prove delivery of the items purchased when the teams time is better used developing Kingdom Karnage for you.

As a result many NFT and crypto based projects refuse to take Fiat (credit card) payments.

To prevent this scenario and provide a way for honest players to purchase items with Credit/Debit Cards, Kingdom Karnage operates a time limited withdraw policy on NFTs and KKT (Kingdom Karnage Token)

What is a Limited Withdraw Policy?

Each time you makes a Fiat (Credit Card) purchase the relevent game assets are added to your account, normally within the same hour. At the same time your 'Withdraw Restricted Balance' is increased.

When you want to withdraw NFTs or KKT to your Crypto Wallet your total KKT and NFT value is calculated. Whilst your account value exceeds your total 'Restricted Balance' you can continue to withdraw NFTs & KKT. If your account value is not higher than your 'Restricted Balance' you must wait for 'Restricted Balance' to go down or your account value to go up.

Fiat purchases only remain on your 'Restricted Balance' for 120 days to match the time-frame of credit card chargebacks.

You can see your estimated account value and restricted balance on your account page.

How is this calculated?

Your 'Estimated Account Value' is the sum of your accounts KKT and NFTs values. NFTs (characters/equipment) are valued as an average of up to the last 10 sales via the in-game auction house. As characters/equipment trade in-game the value of each is updated in real time.

The amount you can withdraw at any time is limited by 'Estimated Account Value - Restricted Balance'.

Cryptocurrency purchases are not added to your 'Restricted Balance'.

This means you are free to immediately withdraw all NFTs purchased with cryptocurrencies, should you so wish.


Jack spends $20 in the fiat shop. $20 is added to Jack's 'Restricted Balance' for the next 120 days. That means Jack must leave $20 of NFTs or KKT on his account until the end of the restricted balance period.

Later that day Jack wants to withdraw some NFTs to his Enjin Wallet, $KKT is $0.005 meaning Jack has 4,000 $KKT in his 'Restricted Balance'.

Jack's account is now:

NFTs as KKT:38,499
In Vault KKT:12
Account KKT:4,381
Total Value:42,892
Restricted KKT:4,000

The amount of KKT & NFTs Jack is allowed to withdraw is equal to 42,892 - 4,000 = 38,892.


Under no circumstances will refunds be issued. If you have any questions about a product please contact us so we can address your concerns prior to purchase.


Before making any chargebacks please contact us to solve any issues you may encounter. Should a chargeback be processed the purchased items will be removed from your account as though a refund has occured. Should those items be missing from your account Kingdom Karnage will automatically deem the chargeback to be fraudulent and deduct either KKT and/or NFTs from your account, in value 'greater or equal to' the amount charged back.

Kingdom Karnage reserves the right to close any player accounts which have an unjustifiable number of chargebacks. Any KKT & NFTs will be forfeited to Kingdom Karnage.