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Kingdom Karnage

A unique card battle arena experience powered by NFTs and the $KKT token!  

Total Supply


Presale Vesting has finished - all tokens have been distributed

$kkt Released: 430,000,000

$kkt in Midas Vault: 24,589,164
$kkt in Minted NFTs: 5,160,190

$kkt actually circulating: 400,250,646

Characters can be virtual up to level 9 after which they need to be minted as NFTs to reach the top level(10). Minting requires $kkt to be injected into the NFT where that $kkt will stay until the owner chooses to melt the NFT destroying the character but releasing the $kkt to their wallet.

The amount of $kkt to be embedded in each NFT varies as $kkt value changes. The current amounts required can be seen here:

Dynamics $5 6,897
Common $5 6,897
Uncommon $10 13,793
Rare $15 20,690
Epic $20 27,586
Legendary $25 34,483

Minting makes your characters rentable via double protocol double.one/collection/kk

$kkt still to be mined with pets: 210,000,000
Pet NFTs will go on sale in the near future.
Pets assist you in battle, unlocking extra attacks
Pets mine KKT
Read all about pets here: kingdomkarnage.com/pets